Rant again.

ARRGGHH!! I fucking HATE that. I would’ve gone to cvs to get the shit but NOOOOOOO you can’t just say “hey could you get me this too PLEASE?” Of course not! Cuz why should YOU of all people say PLEASE to your daughter? The person who does ALL OF THE RUNNING AROUND NOWADAYS BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO FUCKING LAZY! And those “jokes”, I can’t tell you guys here enough about how much I HATE that shit. I mean assuming that you can just add some stupid not necessary thing to the list, rudely I might add, is bad enough but the jokes?! No. I’m SICK of it. “*claps hands twice* chop chop* FUCK YOU! I’m NOT your slave, I’m not your servant I’M YOUR MOTHERFUCKING DAUGHTER YOU STUPID FUCK! But no, keep thinking everyone owes you something. You’re just like you’re stupid, alcoholic, holier than thou family. I can’t fucking wait to leave.

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Tried to get the color out of my hair but only made it lighter and now I like it even more. So I’m gonna do a casual/AU(?) Canada cosplay for mechacon maybe.

If you could get it to blend from blonde to blue then that would be the awesomest shit right there.
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Police: Intoxicated armed robber demanded ‘the product’ from store clerk

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Rant (small)

I don’t fucking believe this. I tell one person one thing, they hear something else. I tell another person one thing, they don’t even hear me. I mean wtf? How do you get that I don’t want to hang out from “I would like to drive but I do want to get out the house so it’s no big deal”? HOW?!