Your Pokemon egg is about to hatch!
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I PRMOISE I will send a Pokemon to EVERYONE who reblogs this
A randomizer will determine what Pokemon you get.

i hope i get one of eevee’s evolvitions

Dis. Is gonna happen.
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You like confusing me…don’t you?

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That moment when you feel so stressed out and you need to vent to someone who will just listen. Not tell you what you “need to hear”, not give you “advice”, just listen. And when you get the chance, the only person who does that has to go cuz something’s fucking up then you go through your contacts to try to see if someone else will listen…..but you have no one else. Then you realize that you’re alone.

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WHY?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?! RIP Robin Williams :’(

I’m hurting so bad. My shoulders are killing me, I’m tired, all the knots in my upper back are acting up. :’(

Bully shaming needs to become a thing


Imagine someone who’s put someone down because of their looks. They would wear something that says:

"I’m a shallow bully" or just "shallow" or something like that

If they physically beat someone:

"Future abuser"

If they drive someone to suicide:


I know this dream is really far out there but it’s just a thought that I’d really like to see happen

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This shit better work
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Trojan Condoms, 1993


Good advertising is good. Promotes safe sex and their own product!

sassy trojan, damn.  i like
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